Looking for T-shirt Blanket Theme Ideas?

Keepsake T-Shirt Blankets are a great way to declutter without losing all of your favorite memories attached to your shirts. Here are some ways that you can utilize Keepsake T-Shirt Blankets:


Keepsake for Graduation

When you got that first school t-shirt, you wore it everywhere. Now you have too many, and you can’t wear them anywhere. Take your collection of t-shirts and turn them into a blanket you can show off.


Keepsake for Sports Fanatics

If you truly love your favorite team, you likely have a nice collection of shirts to show it. Why not get them out of the drawer and into a beautiful t-shirt blanket? There’s no better way to show your team spirit!


Keepsake for Concert Goers

Music moves us all. It’s not just a song, it’s an experience that ties us to special little moments in life when everything stood still. Why not showcase your collection in a t-shirt blanket that will live on for years?


Keepsake for Loved Ones

What better way to remember someone than hold them close... Many times when we remember a loved one, we think think of what they used to wear. Turning the favorite clothes of our loved ones into a quilt is an honorable way to remember those that the biggest difference in our lives.


Keepsake for Travelers

A Keepsake T-Shirt Blanket is like a passport to show off your travels. Don’t let your shirts take up space in a drawer where no one can see them! Share your travels with the ones you love!